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Terror by ruling politician in Daraniyagala; UN concerns; Top police offcier feld to save life

Why did SSP Prishantha Jayakody Desert?  Although the Police department states that they are considering the former police media spokesman SSP Prishantha Jayakody as a deserter, it is reported that no such official document has been received by his family.

Sri Lanka Mirror yesterday reported that the official vehicle used by Mr. Jayakody too was taken in to Police HQ custody.

SSP Prishantha Jayakody, who was the SSP in charge of Rathnapura district, had departed to Australia for a private tour on the 29th June.

Although his leaves were over by the 10th July, he has still not reported to duty.

SSP Jayakody was removed from the post of media spokesman of the police, due to a media statement issued by him on the 13th February which explained the stance of the police regarding the disturbances made by local politicians to Uva DIG M.K. Lathiff.

Once the brother of the Monaragala local council chairman had been transporting weed in a three wheeler and had been stooped by two police officers. And this thug brother had brutally assaulted the policemen.

And DIG Lathiff, despite the threats made by powerful politicians, brought the thug brother before the Court and remanded him.

And when the political dagger was pointed at DIG Lathiff, Mr. Jayakody, upon instruction of the IGP, issued a statement.

And the statement drew the wrath of the Govt politicians and SSP Jayakody was removed from the media spokesman post and was given a transfer to Rathnapura.

And it is said that countless death threats have been made threatening to kill his life and the lives of his family members.

And when investigations proceeded, it has been revealed that the 0712 126126 number from which the threats were made was a number given from Mobitel to the defence ministry.

And SSP Jayakody again received death threats after raiding a casino club in Rathnapura town, which had been there for 9 years without any problem with the blessing of the Govt.

And once again when investigations were made to find the culprit, orders from the top came down to shut the case.

Later SSP Jayakody again fell in to trouble when he arrested the Ambilipitiya local council chairman and the son of Chandi Malli, M.K. Amila, for trying to shoot and assault two policemen in Panamure.

Even though Amila tried to hide under political protection for a long time and top politicians tried to protect him, SSP Jayakody put him behind the bars as well.

And media reported that the Ambilipitiya local council chairman had again made death threats to SSP Jayakody.

Surprisingly, SSP Jayakody’s official security had been removed.

And recently, an unidentified group has crashed into his residence after he has gone abroad and has taken away some of his official documents.

Source: Lanka E News/SLM
US concerned over Deraniyagala atrocities  .

The United States has said it was concerned about the allegations horrendous atrocities including killings and rapes in the vicinity of a Deraniyagala Tea Estate managed by a US company and urged that a thorough investigation be carried out and the miscreants prosecuted.

“The US Embassy remains concerned about the incidents and we urge a swift and thorough investigation and prosecution,” US Embassy Information Officer Juliana A. Spaven said while referring to the crimes alleged to have taken place in Noori and Basnagala at Deraniyagala.

“The Walters Bay is a US Company and has holdings in Sri Lanka,” she said.

 Meanwhile following the media exposure a complaint was sent to Human Rights Commission Chairman to initiate an inquiry into the incidents of rape, kidnapping, harassment and killing in the area.

 The Institute of Human Rights, a human rights watchdog has also urged the Human Rights Commission to consider dispatching personnel to interview villages who have complaints and represent them at inquiries being conducted; ascertain what if any are the reasons for the STF to be moved in; why the area police could not discharge their duties previously and to enable the villagers who have complains to have access to justice and their interest and rights protected.

Deraniyagala terror probe on police top brass

The Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has launched an investigation into the activities of the senior police officers, who were in charge of the Deraniyagala Police Division during the period gangsters led by former Deraniyagala PS Chairman Anil Champika Wijesinghe alias Athakota were alleged to have committed their atrocities.

 Police spokesman Buddhika Siriwardena said the SIU would look into the negligence of duties by the senior police officers.

 At a meeting on Sunday the villagers of Basnagala and Noori Estate accused the police of turning a blind eye to atrocities including robbery, murder, rape, and arson that was committed by the gangsters for a long time. They charged that the infamous Athakota’, a former PS chairman was acting with impunity.

 Several crimes had come to light after the brutal slaying of Estate Superintendent Nihal Perera. At Sunday’s meeting attended by top police officers and the STF, the villagers alleged that the police had failed or refused to take any action against ‘Athakota’ and his gangsters who were being protected by Sabaragagamuwa Chief Minister Maheepala Herath.

 Anil Champika Wijesinghe alias Athakota was a member of the UPFA and was Pradesiya Sabha Chairman from 2007- 2011 after receiving the ‘highest’ number of preferential votes during the election.

 Villagers said the political patronage provided by Chief Minister Maheepala Herath and his son Kanaka Herath had resulted in police inaction.

 Meanwhile informed sources questioned the summoning of ASP of the Seethawaka range D.J Athulathmudali to Ratnapura on Tuesday by Sabaragamuwa Province Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinge. Sources suspicion of moves to ‘cover up’ the ongoing investigations into the atrocities committed in Noori- Deraniyagala.

 When contacted by Daily Mirror ASP D.J. Athulathmudali confirmed that a meeting was held but denied any attempt of a cover up.

“I went to meet the Senior DIG for a service requirement and it had got nothing to do with the ongoing investigations,” he said.

 Earlier it was reported that Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe had summoned six Police OICs for a meeting, a week after the killing of the Noori Estate Superintendant Nihal Perera.

 During the meeting attended by the Chief Minister and local politicians, the Senior DIG had reportedly told his subordinates that the Police were “duty bound to protect the local politicians present”.

The entire village on Sunday signed a petition urging the President and Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to take action against the perpetrators.

 In the petition, the villagers referred to the political patronage provided by Chief Minister Maheepala Herath to Athakota. (Susitha R. Fernando, Hafeel Farisz, Darshana Sanjeewa)


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