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Tamils have not benefited form repealing the Emergency regulations , as shown by the arrest of students – Prof. Kurubaran, Jaffna university

Tamil people did not experience benefits by the abolition of emergency law in the country. Some are the examples establish from the ongoing incidents held in recent days in Jaffna.
If terrorism prevention law gets abolished only, the Tamil people could benefit from the eradication of emergency law was mentioned by Jaffna University Prof.K.Kurubaran.

He made this statement at a debate  held at the Jaffna Thirumarai Cultural center on the human rights day on the theme “civil and political rights” and while he addressed on the subject arrest, detention and torture.

He further said, due to the pressure given to Sri lanka, the emergency regulation was abolished from last year August month 30th. However when the law was in practice, according to the legal arrangements if a person does a wrong, he could be punished.

Many laws similarly exist in one country. It is, due to the reason of the aspiration of the executive sector.

Even though the emergency regulation is abolished in SriLanka the gravest terrorism prevention of law still exists in the country.  If Tamil people need to obtain the benefits of abolishing emergency regulations , the Terrorism Prevention Act should be abolished.

Two gazette notifications were published on the day before the emergency law was abolished. Through this, some issues from the emergency regulation was attached to the Terrorism Prevention Act.  Gazette 1721/4 paves way to detain those arrested from emergency regulation

Arrangements for rehabilitation and safeguarding those surrendered, according to year 2005 under the emergency regulations, conferring to 1721/5 gazette notification it is cited.

Section 3 and sub section 2, if any ponder of done crime, those considered are affected due to terrorism activities, if they desire they could surrender.

On this basis, the Jaffna university students issue should be monitored. Under this arrangement, those arrested could be sent for rehabilitation

The protection which existed in the emergency regulation does not exist in the  new order procedures. Those arrested under emergency regulation should be produced in courts once in every month, but it does appear in the new order. .Therefore abolishing the emergency regulation, have not benefited, stated  the Prof Kirubakaran.



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