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Tamils await for govt’s reciprocate act to Sampanthan’s gesture

Now the ball is in govt courts says Mano Ganesan  
TNA leader Sampanthan has shown the political gesture towards the govt by deciding against the proposal of going to Geneva. Now, the Tamils and all peace loving people of this country look for government’s reciprocate action based on certain LLRC recommendations says DPF leader Mano Ganesan.

The disturbing danger today is that some of the partners and supporters of the government are completely dismissing the LLRC report and recommendations. It is therefore not leaving any space for settlement. And they appear to do this with the public patronage of the government.

Democratic People’s Front leader commenting to media said further that,  

TNA leader has reportedly decided to drop the idea of presenting his party at the Geneva UNHRC sessions. The extremists sections of the Tamil side are already at odds with TNA on this position.

I as the leader of DPF do not wish to comment on the merits and circumstances of this vital decision of TNA. I am talking on the mood prevailing amidst the Tamil population today.

It is high time that the government comes out with constructive reciprocate steps towards TNA leader. It is not any courtesy but the obligation of the government. The time is over for mere words and promises. It is time for deed. I call upon the government to demonstrate it’s willingness for peace and justice with real action. This is more central than the street demonstrations.      

Government is already at fault by not officially presenting the LLRC report to the UNHRC sessions. There are serious allegations against the government at the world forum. The LLRC, which is the governments own product had come out with a report and set of recommendations. Submitting this report to the world could be the ideal response.

We do not have answers to all our woes in the LLRC recommendations. It is not absolute. But there are recommendations, which the government could implement immediately as reciprocate acts. The government could agree to release the name list of the detainees, the long standing demand of the family members of the detained which has been endorsed by the LLRC. There is a need for special judicial procedure to clear the detainees issue. Government should appoint civilian governors to the north and east and cut down military involvement in the civilians affaires. It should dismantle all the Para armed groups and begin to address the issue of disappearances. Begin a rapid affirmative action program on the health, educational, housing issues of the plantation community. It is another subject endorsed by the LLRC.


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