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Tamil villages in Ampaa’rai being renamed in Sinhala

Tamil names of traditional Tamil villages located along the border of Ampaa’rai district are erased and new Sinhala names are introduced day by day, according to Selliah Rasiah, the chairman of the Kaaraitheevu Piratheasa Chapai. Chaakamam, a traditional Tamil village where not a Sinhalese is living has been now re-named as Sagama in Sinhala language. A high-level SL government officer in Ampaa’rai district has informed all relevant government authorities to use the new name “Sagama” in future in the official correspondence with the government and the public.

Tamil people residing in the border villages are now facing untold difficulties in preserving their identity and traditional lands. Planned land grabbing, has been taking place in the border Tamil villages under the pretext of preserving sacred areas and tourism development.

Politicians who have been elected to power by Tamil votes and later crossed over to the ruling party from the district are now keeping silence without uttering a word against such acts, PS Chairman Mr.Selliah Rasiah said while addressing a meeting at Kaaraitheevu.



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