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Tamil Political Detainee on Day Release Robbed by Police

( Subramaniam Nidikesan; Image – Radio Gagana)

A Tamil political detainee, held in a rehabilitation camp under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, was robbed by police while he on day release to visit his sick daughter at their home in Chavakachcheri, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Mirror reported.

Subramaniam Nidikesan made a complaint to the Jaffna Human Rights commission, saying that police men from the Chavakachcheri police station, broke open the gate, stormed his house and took away a motorcycle belonging to his wife, Rs8,000 in cash and the family’s personal documents.

He told journalists in Jaffna that police had wanted him to give them five bottles of liquor and money, adding that he has identified one of the policemen as Jeevan Lal of the traffic division, whom he had been seen when being kept behind bars at Chavakachcheri police.

Mr Nidikesan was arrested under the PTA in July 2014 and held by the CID and the notorious Boosa detention camp, before he was sent to the Poonthottam rehabilitation camp. No charges have ever been filed against him.


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