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Tamil inmates were asked to lick Superintendent’s feet and were beaten up mercilessly

15 to 23 personnel belonging to the Sri Lankan  Defense force entered in to Vavunia prison and attacked the already tear gassed Tamil inmates. Then they transfer the inmates to Anuradhapura prison and tortured them from 01.00 pm to 11.pm.

Intoxicated Anuradhapura prison guards and police personnel forced the prisoners to lick the jail superintendent’s boots.   Even after they fallen in to superintendent feet and licking his boots were beaten up mercilessly.

And after that criminal convicts were brought and asked to spit on the faces of the Tamil inmates and attack them. The inmates were asked to stretch their legs and beaten below their knees causing severe internal injuries. There is a round injury mark on the back of a Tamil inmate which is believed to be caused by Tear Gas bullet wounds. All inmates had breastbones broken and left them with blood soaked cloth for 3 days.

The tortured dead Nimala Rupan’s legs were torn and he mourned throughout the night with pain and cried that he was dying. Also a wooden block was placed between his legs and the flesh cutup causing severe damage to his hips.

And another inmate of Anuradhapura prison was beaten on his head sending him to coma. It is believed that he will not live long. Among the four inmates admitted in Ragama hospital one is in coma.

The main three inmates believed to have led the protests were transfused to Kandy Bogambara prison and tortured and inmates had marks on their body showing that they were tortured with iron chains and whips while being transferred from Vavuniya to Anuradhapura prison the defense personal threatened the inmates that they going to be beaten to death. The inmates have screamed they would rather die in Mahara prison than transferred to Anuradhapura.

Unless treated immediately the inmates face certain death, said a concerned prisoner officer. The international human rights organizations must put direct pressure on the Defense secretary Gotabaya rajapaksa on the issue of the tortured inmates, said the same concerned prison officer to Global Tamil News Network  


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