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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tamil expats issued death threats

Several expatriate Tamils in various cities in Switzerland described as ‘anti Sri Lankan’ have been issued with death threats, according to a Swiss newspaper called ’20 Minuten’.
Expatriate Tamils in Switzerland have brought to the notice of the Switzerland Federal Intelligence Agency that they have been issued with death threats in the form of letters and audio CDs saying that their anti Lankan Government attitude would be severely dealt with according to a Swiss News paper called ‘20 Minuten’.
‘20   Minuten’s’   publication yesterday reporting on the issue has said that the threats have been issued by a group identified itself as the Tamil Alliance to protect the country.

According   to ‘20  Minuten’  the death threats have been issued in a letter form and with a verbal warning   recorded in CDs.
Tamil expatriates in Zurich, Bern and in various parts of Switzerland have received the threats and the preliminary investigations have revealed that certain Tamil members of the pro – Government Tamil parties were behind the warnings against the Tamils who had participated in demonstrations when the UNHRC sessions were in progress in Geneva recently.
The   verbal warning in CDs and in letters also indicated that the websites, Twitters and Face books which come out with the undermining topics on the Lankan   Government   would also be monitored closely and the people behind them would be severely dealt with.
Similar warnings have also been dispatched to expatriate Tamil activists in Australia, Canada, London, France and Germany.

The   Tamil   expatriates   who had received the warnings have complained to the Swiss Federal Intelligence Agency to ensure their safety.
The  agency  has  now  engaged  in  the  preliminary  investigations with regard to the threats , according to Swiss journal  ‘20  Minuten’



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