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Muslim commiunity

Muslim commiunity

  • Sri Lanka police investigate attack on teenage girls ( in Kathankudi)

    The case has fuelled concern about a rise in radical Islam in that area.By Swaminathan Natarajan BBC TamilSri Lankan police are investigating an assault on two girls apparently accused of watching pornography in the east of the country last week.A group of men allegedly beat up the 17-year-olds after they came out of an internet […]

  • A genuine solution for all communities – need of the hour

    The Muslim community today is not represented by any party or group as the Muslim political leadership has virtually collapsed. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, a byproduct of communal politics, came with the slogan of unity. However, almost a quarter century later today the SLMC, divided into numerous splinter groups and absorbed individually and collectively […]

  • Life of North Muslims and their Voting Rights

      16 June 2011  The discrimination faced by the Northern Muslims have become an unending story. The governments’ neglect against minorities in this country is once again rearing its ugly head as Northern Muslims are denied of their voting rights. The LTTE’s oppression against the innocent people was elevated to an entire new level when […]

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