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Suspending of Unions is first step to privatisation of education: JVP .

The JVP alleged that the suspending of Students Unions of the Peradeniya University is the first step towards creating a conducive environment for the introduction of Privatisation of free education in the country. The JVP stated that the government’s suppression of the democratic rights of students would lead to bloodshed.

 At a press conference held at the JVP headquarters politburo member of the party Sunil Handuneththi alleged that the suspension was a clear political move by the government. “The suspension of the constitutional rights of the students to assemble and be a part of a Union is a clear political move of the government towards the privatisation of education. We believe that the government is creating an atmosphere for the introduction of the Private universities bill in February next year, and these are the steps the government is taking to suppress democratic opposition,” he said. The for Parliamentarian went on to point out that history has taught this country how the suppression of students could lead to bloodshed.

 The JVP also stated that the reasoning given by the Vice Chancellor for the suspension of the Unions were laughable. “The Vice Chancellor had stated that the actions of the Unions have brought the university into disrepute, there is nothing more laughable than this, when in fact it is the actions and policies of the government and its puppet administrators that have brought the universities into disrepute. The fact that there are faculties that have been created without building, the fact that students can’t pass out due to non-availability of lecturers and the very fact that uneducated men have been bestowed with doctorates are the very actions that have brought the universities and the education system of the country into disrepute,” he said.

 Handuneththi went on to say that the JVP would continue to fight against the privatisation of universities and the rights of the students. “We will keep on fighting against this government’s undemocratic and draconian policies. We will force the government to ensure that basic rights of these student be protected,” he said. (Hafeel Farisz)



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