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Suspect arrested for alleged hate speech on social media against security forces

Image: Military personal in complete face covers manning barricades against protestors.

A suspect has been remanded on charges of sharing hate speech targeting the Police and Sri Lanka Army on social media.

The suspect is accused of sharing content related to hate speech against the Police and Army via Facebook.

The Galle Magistrate’s Court today ordered the suspect to be remanded until the 08th of August 2022.

The suspect who had expressed support for the Galle Face protest campaign and hatred towards the Police and Army has been identified as a resident of Galle Fort.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) arrested the man on charges of inciting violence through the hate speech shared against the Police and Army during the recent public unrest.

When the case was taken up today to consider the suspect’s bail application, the CID objected to granting bail to the suspect after which the suspect was remanded. (NewsWire)



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