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Suren Fernando questions 130 Bn “Itukama” Covid19 hand out distribution: 4 M families received it 6.5 times?

In a serous of tweets attorney-at-law Suren Fernando has questioned the Government claim of distribution of Rs. 5000 Covid 19 handout to 4 Million people. 


“…organs of State are guardians to whom the people have committed the care and preservation of the resources of the people…” (Eppawela Case 2000 3 SLR 243)

Thus the principles of public trust & #FinancialAccountabilityLK

The “country’s resources”, including financial resources, belong to the people. The #GOSL must be accountable to the people for the way in which the resources are used.

A few questions based on #FinancialAccountabilityLK Down pointing backhand index.

1A) When the dangers posed by #COVID19 were known since mid-2020 the latest, why didn’t the #GOSL make better and timely investments in:
(1) testing,
(2) vaccinations (upon their becoming available),
(3) developing health sector capacity?

1B) Why weren’t #ITUKAMA funds (i.e. donations of the public for the very purpose of dealing with COVID19) used for the above purposes?

2) If this news item is correct, 130 Bn (80+15+35) has been given as 5000 handouts to families.
On what basis were the handouts given /what was the selection criteria?

130Bn / 5000 = 26 Mn handouts

How many families got 5000? and how many times???


...The story claims that 4 Mn families got it… that’s approximately 75% or more of the families in the country??? And each of 4 Mn then got it on average 6.5 times???

Will there be public auditing and reporting to Parliament on these handouts?


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