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Suicide of Rajeshwaran Senthuran: Shocked TNA Calls for Calm

( Students at the University of Jaffna demonstrate following the suicide of a Tamil school student, over the ongoing Tamil political prisoners crisis. Protesters held placards and chanted slogans calling on the Sri Lankan government to account for the death.– Tamil Gaurdian)

TNA press release.

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the suicide of Rajeshwaran Senthuran, an 18 year old student. We understand that this act is an expression of what he felt. His suicide is something that should be carefully reflected on by all parties concerned. We would like to express our deep sorrow and sympathy to his family.

We must all keep calm at a time like this. This is crucial. Let us unite together in sharing our grief and expressing our sympathy, in a peaceful manner.

–  R.Sampanthan
– Mavai Senathirajah


A Northern Province student commits suicides behalf of the political prisoners

Reports reaching us from Jaffna confirm a student who has suicide himself by colliding to a train demanding the release of the Tamil political prisoners who are still in remand custody.
An advanced level student residing at northern Kopai named Rajeshwaran Senthuran from the Hindu College situated at Kokavil has been committed suicide. Before the death the student has written a letter to the president demanding him to release the Tamil political prisoners.

Friends of Rajeshwaran Senthuran said that their friend was continuously talking about the release of the Tamil political prisoners and he was quiet for the last few days.

Senthuran has written Tamil Ealam in the letter he wrote to the president demanding the release of the political prisoners. Currently the police are conducting investigations.

Schools across Northern Province to be shut on Nov 27

All schools across the Northern Province will be shut on Friday in order to commemorate the death of a Tamil student who committed suicide in protest at the continued detention of Tamil political prisoners.

The Northern Provincial Council’s Education Secretary Ravindran made the announcement as hundreds of students at Jaffna University called for justice for the death of 18-year-old Rajeswaran Senthuran, who took his own life in protest at the Sri Lankan government’s failure to release Tamil political prisoners.

Friday also marks the Tamil day of remembrance, Maaveerar Naal.

Tamil Guardian



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