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Street Protest ‘Campaign Against Rage’ To Be Launched In Colombo

For life against the rage’ a civil society campaign set go around the country making streets their platform. 73 national and local level civil society groups have come together under the slogan.

The campaign intend to visit 12 districts in the month of December.

The first lag of the campaign ‘the street protest’ will be held in Colombo Fort on 25th Nov form 3.00PM to 600 PM.

The organisers expect political leaders, including common opposition candidate Maithripala Siriseana, Prominent TU leaders and leading human rights activists to participate in the protest. Civil society activists representing large number of organisations in many districts too will join the protest.

The campaign will include street discussions, street drama, Cartoons, songs, leaflet distribution etc.

The highlight of the campaign will be a press conference on the street with the participation of political and civil leaders.

At the end a set of proposals agreed upon by the civil society organisation will be handed over to opposition political leaders.

Some of the proposals are follows:

Come! Join Us!!
Come! Join Us!!
  • Abolish executive presidency,
  • Devolution o Power to Provincial Councils in a way acceptable to Minorities based on 13 plus.
  • Establish strong parliamentary system
  • Establish independent commissions uner the 17th Amendment
  • Establish the Independence of Judiciary, End impunity and ensure the equality before the law
  • Amend the assets declaration law in a way people can access the information
  • Establish a independent constitutional council with the participation og political parties and civil society
  • Retired military officers should not be appointed to civil administration
  • Civil administration should be establish and uphold even under emergency
  • Prevention of terrorism act and other repressive laws should be repealed.
  • Suspects under detention without being charged should be charged or released
  • Close down the unofficial detention centers
  • State should be held responsible for disappearances in case it is unble to provide correct information
  • Right to life should be established as a fundamental human right
  • Right to information should be established as a fundamental right
  • Government should respect its international human rights obligations
  • The work of civil society organiasations in protection of human rights should be accepted and obstacles placed against such activities should be removed
  • The safety of human rights defenders should be ensured.
  • Establish rule of law.

The original Sinhala statement with the proposals as a PDF is here:

Campaign has its own face book page and tweeter.




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