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Statement by the Alumni of the Department of Law, University of Peradeniya against the assault on the undergraduates of the Dept. of Law,

Statement by the Alumni of the Department of Law, University of Peradeniya on the Recent Acts of Assault Committed Against the Undergraduates of the Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

We, the Alumni of the Department of Law (the Alumni), vehemently condemn and are deeply concerned by the recent acts of physical and verbal assault/violence committed against the undergraduate students of the Department of Law, University of Peradeniya.
It has come to our attention that twelve (12) students were directly assaulted at the ‘Gemba’ canteen premises at the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya on the 14 th of September 2022, at or around 3.00 p.m. The victims of the said heinous assault had been dining at the canteen when a violent mob of students of the Faculty of Arts had assaulted them verbally and physically. Four students who retained physical injuries consequent to the assault had been hospitalized.

Ragging or any other form of violence in the University is strictly prohibited by the Prohibition of Ragging and Other Forms of Violence in Educational Institutions Act No.20 of 1998. According to Section 2(1) the said Act, any person who commits or participates in ragging, within and/or outside, an educational institution shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to rigorous imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. Further, it is a non-bailable offence under the said Act, and a gross violation of the Fundamental Rights enshrined under the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The Department of Law, in furtherance of its vision of providing legal education to produce sensitive and empathetic human beings and responsible citizens, has actively implemented a strict no-ragging policy, in accordance with the law of the land, since the days of its inception and has been vocal against any form of ragging inside the University or otherwise. Thus, the Alumni strongly believe that the recent assault against the undergraduate students of the Department of Law was a targeted and premeditated
attack committed by certain undergraduates of the Faculty of Arts who support and perpetrate ragging in the University of Peradeniya, in retaliation for the Department of Law’s unwavering no-ragging policy.

While appreciating the continued and diligent efforts undertaken by the academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Law and the Faculty of Arts to create a violence-free/no-ragging environment, the Alumni makes this an opportunity to note that the administration of the University of Peradeniya is accountable for the safety and well-being of the undergraduates who are presently studying at the Department of Law, University of Peradeniya.

The Alumni also note with regret that during a crucial era where graduates and undergraduates of State Universities rally together to be the forerunners in effectuating systemic change in the socio-political trajectory of the country, it is deeply disappointing to see some undergraduates resorting to brutality and violence, charaded in the name of “equality”, and violate the very law of the country that they accuse politicians of violating.

As such, the Alumni are of the view that due legal action should be taken, particularly under the provisions of the Prohibition of Ragging and Other Forms of Violence in Educational Institutions Act No.20 of 1998, against the perpetrators to ensure that illegal acts of this heinous nature will neither take place nor be associated with the University, in the future. To that end, the Alumni extend its full support and services to the Department of Law and the Faculty of Arts, if deemed required, in order to uphold the rule of law in the country.

1. Anuradha Bulathsinghala, AAL
2. Agana Gunawardana, AAL
3. Anjala Hettiarachchi AAL
4. M.M.F.Zihara, AAL
5. Bhagya Sri Herath, AAL
6. Chathunika Vitharana, AAL
7. Chandramali Wickramasinghe , AAL
8. Chathurika Chandrathilaka , AAL
9. Dilani wijewardana, AAL
10. Dhanushka Silva, LLB
11. Fazmila Fareed, AAL
12. Manindra Wickramanayaka, AAL
13. Madawa Eriyagama, AAL
14. Madushani sawmya, AAL
15. Manthila Eshwarage, AAL

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

16. Manuja Fernando, AAL
17. Mahroos, AAL
18. Sulochana Wijayasinghe, AAL
19. S.Isaimathy, AAL
20. Samadhi Bandara, AAL
21. Supuni Wijekoon ,AAL
22. Sithumini Prasangika , AAL
23. Sameera Ramanayake, AAL
24. Kiruli Ransalu, AAL
25. Renuka kumarasinghe, AAL
26. Iresha Gamage , AAL
27. Ishara Malshani, AAL
28. Nirmani Jayasinghe, AAL
29. Nisansala Sanjeewani, AAL
30. Kasunthika madhubhashini, AAL
31. Hansamali Chandrasekara , AAL
32. Pershila Liyanage, AAL
33. Uthpala karunarathna, AAL
34. Yasas Sri Bandara , AAL
35. Ralani Edirisinghe , AAL
36. Wasana Kannangara, AAL
37. Wasana Kotagodahetti, AAL
38. Madushani Jayasekara, AAL

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

39. Lakshman Priyankara, AAL
40. Oshadhi Moraula, AAL
41. Mihiri Karunaratne , AAL
42. Poornima Rathnage, AAL
43. Tharaka kodithuwakku, AAL
44. Arapy Umashankar, AAL
45. Hansika H. Bulathsinghala , AAL
46. Sumedha Aththanayake , AAL
47. Harshani Madhusha , AAL
48. Thakshila Jayasena , AAL
49. Thisarani Wanniarachchi , AAL
50. Royran Mathew , AAL
51. K.kamila , AAL
52. Uthpala Karunaratne, AAL
53. Veenashveri Jayathilake, AAL
54. Ruvini Katugaha, AAL
55. Thilini S. Jayasinghe , AAL
56. Himali D. Ariyasena , AAL
57. Subashi pathirana , AAL
58. Gayan Siriwardena, AAL
59. Gayathri Wijesooriya, AAL
60. Piumi Randima Hulugalla, AAL
61. Kopitha Manoharan, AAL

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

62. Kithmini Aviruppola , AAL
63. Piumi kodithuwakku, AAL
64. Yasitha Rathnayake, AAL
65. H.P. Charuni Chethana Heyyanthuduwa, AAL
66. Piyumi Rathnayake, AAL
67. Piyumani Panchali Ranasinghe, AAL and Graduate Student, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge
68. Jithmini Weligamage, Assistant Legal Officer and Visiting lecturer
69. Kaveesha Coswatte, Lecturer and Legal Analyst
70. Harsha Widanapathirana, AAL and Lecturer
71. Bimalka Jayamali, Legal Officer
72. Araby Sothiratnasarma, AAL
73. Nadeeshani Gallage, AAL
74. Sulochana Karunarathne, AAL
75. M.R.M.Ramsan, AAL
76. Thilini Jayasinghe, AAL
77. Dananjaya Bogahawatte, AAL
78. R Fathima, AAL
79. Thivanka Ratnayake, AAL
80. Lakshika Lenawala, LLB
81. Dinuja Lakshani, LLB
82. Darshika Seya, LLB
83. B.C.K.P.Bowatta, LLB
84. M.A.D.P. Kumari, LLB

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

85. P.S.I. Pieris, LLB
86. Pamali Hewage, LLB
87. Madara Perera, LLB
88. Nimani Amanda, LLB
89. Sajini Imalka, LLB
90. Radhini Gawarammana, LLB
91. Dilmini De Silva, LLB
92. Dhanushika Nimali, LLB
93. Nimalka Prabodhani, LLB
94. Sadishi Doranegama, LLB
95. Dasuni Egodauyana, LLB
96. H.S.F.Rismiya, LLB
97. Akalanka Prabashwara, LLB
98. Piumitha Suvimali Yapa, LLB
99. Rasma Razmi, LLB
100. Saumya Wijebandara, LLB
101. Sachini Welagedara, LLB
102. J. M. Jeewani Deepthika Gunawardhana, LLB
103. Thashani Sewwandi, LLB
104. Dahara Wijesinghe, LLB
105. P.N vithanage, LLB
106. Gagana Gunasinghe, LLB
107. K.D.S.Kithulgoda, LLB

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

108. Thisari Shashindri, LLB
109. S.M.A.S Kumari, LLB
110. Poornima Tennakoon , LLB
111. Dulmi Jayasinghe, LLB
112. Ushani Dasanayaka LLB
113. Dedunu seneviratne LLB
114. Dilini Peiris, LLB
115. Ruvee Karunarathna , LLB
116. Sandani Fernando, LLB
117. Sachini Madhumali, LLB
118. Dilakshana Thiyakalingam
119. Uthpala Karunasinghe ,LLB
120. Nisansala Dissanayake , LLB
121. Madhara Madhuwanthi ,LLB
122. Thushari Dissanayake, LLB
123. W.G.K.R.Kumari, LLB
124. Danushika Rathnayaka, LLB
125. Nalin Sanjeewa Kumara, LLB
126. E.A.N.T.Weerasooriya, LLB
127. Ashani chathurika, LLB
128. Wathmee Kahadugoda, LLB
129. Binuri Viharshana, LLB
130. Ruwanee Prarthana, LLB

Department of Law, University of Peradeniya

131. Dulakshi Gayeshika, LLB
132. Dhanushka Jayasinghe, LLB
133. R.M.H.K.Ariyadasa, LLB
134. Ruvini Amandi, LLB
135. Kalani Peiris, LLB
136. Prasadi Delpitiya, LLB
137. K.A.K.S.Dissanayake, LLB
138. E.A.D.N. Edirisinghe, LLB
139. D.K.T.Bishani, LLB
140. Annsista Regimond, LLB
141. B. Megala, LLB
142. Varsha Jayatilleke, LLB

1. Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya
2. Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya
3. Head of the Department, Department of Law, University of Peradeniya
4. The Officer in Charge, Police Satiation, Peradeniya


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