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SriLanka PC elections: CMEV reports more violence and intimidation against TNA

Northern Provincial Council Election 2013 – Communiqué No 5

On 19th September 2013, Kollankalati, Kankasanthurai Electorate, Northern Province
CMEV Field Monitor reported that the majority of villagers in Kollankalatti are in fear on account of unidentified groups roaming the village. He reported that sections of the community were considering not voting.
 Some of them had attended the Point Pedro TNA rally two days ago and were concerned that they could suffer similar repercussions. Property of TNA supporters was destroyed in Point Pedro after a TNA rally there.

On September 19th 2013, Avarankaal, Kopai Electorate, Jaffna Electoral District, Northern Province
Villagers in Avarankaal reported to the CMEV monitor that a Sinhala speaking group was roaming the village at around mid-night, They allegedly defaced TNA posters on the parapet wall of the house of the sister of Mr Ariyakuttu Paransothi, TNA candidate, Jaffna District which also serves as the candidate’s party office. They are also alleged to have drawn the image of a betel leaf on the verendah of that house and of pasting posters of Abdul Hameed Nauman Siras Mohemad (UPFA, NO 04) and Mudiappu Remediaas UPFA, No 18.  Achchuveli Police visited the location and removed all posters.  A formal complaint has been lodged with regard to this incident.  The Police have recorded it in the Mobile Information Book (MOIB. 249/47) rather than the EIB Book. According to Sergeant Thusitha of the Achchuveli Police investigations are ongoing. He further noted that the incident has been identified as one of mischief and not one that is election related.

On 19th September 2013, Wadukkodai Electorate, Jaffna District, Northen Province.
CMEV Monitors reported that last night, in the villages of Santhei, Thillalai, Ponnalai, supporters of UPFA candidates Naumaan Siras and Angajan Ramanathan as well as EPDP supporters, were seen roaming the streets. He further reported that on account of the tension arising from this, some villagers had indicated that they will not be voting.

Mannar Electorate in Mannar Electoral District in Northern Province
As reported to CMEV Field Monitor, villagers of Uthayapuram, Vangalaipada, Pesalai, have yet to receive polling cards.
Dowload PDF of report Here.


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