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Sri Lanka’s North-East Tamils appeal for Federalism

On 08 November 2023, an exhibition,  teach and experience sharing was held at the Sankilian Park, Nallur in Jaffna.
 The exhibition covered the details of the history of the ethnic discriminations against Tamils from 1920 to date and explained with historical evidence and showed the valid reasons behind the Tamils’ appeal for federal method power sharing. The general public, the university community, Tamil thinkers and Tamil politicians attended.
Last August 1st, 2022,  a campaign called  ” 100days of activism for a dignified and righteous political solution for North and East Tamils’ was initiated by the North East Coordinating Committee (NECC) and on the 100th day November 8 2022 they read out a “People’s Declaration ” demanding a Non – Withdrawable Federal Method Power sharing for Merged North East Provinces within United Sri Lanka” with the participation of broader masses of all eight districts on North and East Provinces.
In order to remark the first year of the People’s Declaration” ,  the exhibition was organized by them. Further, a book on  “The Emergence of Sri Lanka’s North East Tamils’ Appeal for Federalism” was launched as well.  The book contended the history of North East Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka, the colonial period, and the destruction of the identities of native people and their regions (Jaffna kingdom, Kandyan kingdom and Kotte kingdo)  by the colonial rulers and by the British administration model, the colonial Constitutions and different methods of parliamentary representations for Sri Lankans (communal representation and territorial representation) and the consequences of it. Finally,  the book also discusses the selfishness of Sinhala leaders with power hunger and their discriminatory political strategies.
It is obvious that today’s exhibition and teach out has laid a foundation for Tamil politicians, thinkers of the Tamil community, University Community Members and Jaffna District Chamber of commers members and Chairman  to come forward beyond their differences to aim for the cause of Tamils.
(The note  and photos by NECC Sri Lanka.)


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