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Sri Lankans Reject Nepotism: LMD/TNS Poll

The latest nationwide survey conducted by research firm TNS Lanka, for business magazine LMD, reveals that the public is dead set against nepotism. Outraged Sri Lankans have sharply criticised certain questionable appointments made by the National Unity Government.

A whopping 79% of respondents feel that nepotism is an inalienable part of Sri Lankan culture, with only 15% disagreeing with this view. An even greater number (87%) say that nepotism was rife during the previous regime.

Commonly-held opinion also has it that most people received government jobs during the previous regime because of their political connections. In fact, only 8% disagree with this notion, LMD reports.

According to the poll findings, nepotism continues to be par for the course under the current regime – a notable 60% of those polled say so, while 21% disagree and 19% are not entirely sure. On the contrary, a small majority (55%) of respondents feel that steps are being taken to address nepotism, while 26% say the status quo remains and there’s uncertainty among 19% of the sample population.

“The media has begun to use its powers to expose instances of nepotism, which has been noted by 71% of those polled,” a spokesperson for LMD notes.

Providing opportunities to newcomers, electing competent and capable individuals, and educating people before their entry into politics are among the slew of solutions to counter nepotism in this country, the pollsters were told.

The latest edition of the pioneering business magazine has been released to leading supermarkets and bookstores in Colombo and the outstations. Its Cover Story features the 2016 STING Corporate Accountability Index, aptly captioned ‘Corporate Yahapalanaya’ (for the full story, log on to www.LMD.lk)


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