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Sri Lanka War Crimes at UN: Tamil Government Plans Rallies, Booklet Release & other activities

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is organizing a huge rally outside the UN in Geneva on February 27th to highlight the mass killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka and to urge UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to pass a Resolution to establish an Independent, International Investigation on Sri Lanka. UNHRC’s 19th Session starts on 27th.

TGTE is also releasing a booklet “We Accuse War Crimes and Genocide: A Brief for an Independent International Investigation.” This booklet will be first released in Toronto, Canada on February 26th. It will then be released in Geneva (UN) on 27th; in India on 28th and in London on 29th.It will then be followed by releases in different Capitals. This booklet highlights different reports that documented mass killings of Tamils. It also includes several international actions that were taken for mass killings starting from Nuremberg trials in 1945. There are charts that make easy comparison of important facts.

TGTE is also sending a team to the UN Human Rights Council to lobby and to counter Sri Lankan Government’s efforts. Additionally, TGTE is organizing several rallies around the world on this issue. A team comprising a TGTE Member of Parliament has started walking from London to Geneva to highlight the importance of international investigation and will reach Geneva on 27th,the first day of the UN Session.

TGTE collected over one and a half million signatures worldwide calling for an independent international investigation. These signatures will be handed over to the UN in different Capitals. Additionally, TGTE is sending letters to UN Human Rights Council member countries on the need for an international investigation.

“We are taking different initiatives to reach out to governments around the world to highlight the mass killing of Tamils and the need for the world to act. We need justice for our people. If Sri Lanka is allowed to walk free for these killings, then other countries will feel less restraint to kill civilians” said Prime Minister Rudrakumaran Visuvanathan. “This is a high priority for us” he continued.

According to a UN Panel report over 40,000 civilians were killed in five months in 2009 and women were sexually assaulted. Sri Lankan Government restricted food and medicine to Tamils, resulting in several died of starvation and injured were bled to death. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon referred this UN report to the UN Human Rights Council to act.

The book will be also available on line (after 26th) at: www.tgte-us.org

For information on rallies and other activities visit: www.tgte.org


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