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Sri Lanka to establish ‘new village’ for IDPs

Sri Lanka Information Department is reporting that several thousands of IDPs are to be re-settled away from their homes and villages:
Govt. to shut down Manik Farm, remaining IDPs to be resettled in Kombavil – PTK

Preparations are being underway to construct 600 Acer new village in Kombavil for remaining IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) who are in Manik Farm relief village at present.

Accordingly, 7394 IDPs of 2097 families presently accommodated at Manik Farm relief village will be resettled in the village, and each family will be provided with 40 perch block of land and a semi-permanent house in Kombavil village enabling them to start their livelihood soon after the resettlement.

The new village is adjacent to their places of origin in Putukuduirruppu and Meritimepattu.

The government has taken this remedial measure until total completion of ongoing de-mining process in seven GN Divisions of Putukuduirruppu and three GN Divisions in Meritimepattu.

These areas are still unsafe for civilian living, as heavy density of mine fields and UXOs (Unexploded ordnance) military sources said.

GA Putukuduirruppu, UN agencies, Several INGOs, and Sri Lanka Army launched a programme called “Come and tell “to make aware the IDPs at Manik Farm on the project.


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