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Sri Lanka: Thuggery under police protection against women protesting hate speech of State media

hadda piket 410px03-12-13Sri Lanka’s women’s organization and a group of human rights activists had prepared to conduct a peaceful protest against the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), Hudson Samarasinghe , yesterday ( 02) in front of the SLBC premises and a group of thugs , who arrived at the location has attempted to  sabotage the protest by hooting  and using filthy language against the women gathered including Dr. Nimalaka Fernando.

A large group of Police Officers were also present at the location. The significance of this situation was that the Police attempting to disperse the peaceful protestors and supporting the thugs who attempted to sabotage the protest.
An SSP also supported the thugs by tearing off the posters held by the protesters.
Instead of protecting the peaceful protesters from the thugs, the SSP Ranagala was seen tearing off the posters and scolding women who participated in the protest.
This is not the first occasion where the particular SSP demonstrated such misconduct violating the law. He also protected the thugs who scolded and hooted at the 43rd Chief Justice in front of the Hulftsdorp Court premises.
Find below the latest photographs of the  thug ladies and gentlemen who engaged in thuggery under police protection yesterday (02) near SLBC and a video which depicts how the SSP Ranagala in a uniform act as if he is a hired thug.
-Wikalpa/Sri Lanka Mirror


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