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Sri Lanka: STF looked on as Aluthgama burned?

A senior English teacher in Dharga town says that a group of youth stormed into her home, vandalised its belongings and broke windows and threatened her before handing her over to a group of STF personnel who were nearby. Ms. Sahabdeen has taught English to Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim children in Dharga town for 37 years.

She has said that around 150 STF personnel had been near the place called Ambagaha junction in Dharga town, and they had been looking on as the fires were lighted around.

The mobsters who vandalised her home had handed her over to the STF saying that she was innocent.

Speaking to Maubima newspaper, Ms. Sahabdeen has said that she and her husband have lived in Dharga town for 37 years, in harmony with the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim masses. She has added that the couple has also rendered a great service to the community in Aluthgama.

She also says that the recent incident was not one suddenly triggered between residents, but was an incident triggered by outsiders.

The government had stated that the situation was controlled after deploying the STF.

However, statements of Ms. Sahabdeen and several other residents suggest that the police and the STF too

had watched on in silence, allowing the ‘Bodu Bala mobsters’ to wreak havoc as they pleased,  theindependent.lk says.

It adds that soldiers in civvies were also among these ‘Bodu Bala mobsters’.

In addition, Muslim youth who had volunteered to retaliate these ‘Bodu Bala mobsters’ were attacked by the

STF, theindependent.lk adds citing reports.

However, it is proven by Ms. Sahabdeen’s statement that the soldiers in civvies as well as the ‘madmen of Bodu Bala’ were under the protection of the STF, the website further says.



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