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Sri Lanka: SLFP disregards disciplinary report on Mervyn

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has not taken any special decision regarding Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs, Mervyn Silva, even though a report on the disciplinary inquiry conducted against the minister was presented to the SLFP Central Committee.
Addressing the media yesterday, SLFP General Secretary, Maithripala Sirisena, said he presented the disciplinary inquiry report regarding the SLFP Kelaniya Organizer, Mervyn Silva, to the party Central Committee.

 Minister Sirisena said this when a journalist questioned whether the disciplinary inquiry regarding Minister Silva has been completed or not.
However, Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha (PS), Prasanna Ranaweera said, they had not been informed about Silva being reappointed as Kelaniya SLFP organizer.
 Meanwhile, addressing a gathering at the Upulwan Vishnu Devalaya premises, Kelaniya on 23 January, Minister Silva said, now he is ‘matured enough’ and that he ‘expects to gain prosperity’ in near future.
“During the last few months, I opened my mouth only to eat. But now, I have decided to speak up ‘frequently.’ Buddhist monks don’t have any doubt about me.
Now I am matured. Like Prince Siddhartha knew he’ll attain Buddhahood when his begging bowl started drifting upriver.” Minister Silva said he now knows he will gain prosperity in life. He added, he is loved by the President and his family and he knows that the President is not angry with him.
“Most people thought that I am angry with the President, but I am not. King! I know you are not angry with me. I too am not angry; I know that you love me,” he said.
He added that all the children in the Rajapaksa family love him and he knows them from their childhood and nobody can deny it.
“I need the blessings and advice of intellectuals and ministers. Moreover, I want the blessing of the people in the Gampaha District,” he said further.


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