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Sri Lanka: Rajapaksha tripple brothers snatch 168 important state institutions!

Gotabhaya Rajapaksha administration, having appeared as an interim government, has shared almost all the important institutions among the three Rajapaksha Brothers.

There are 168 important institutions, 88 the highest number taken by prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksha, 39 the second highest by Chamal Rajapaksha and president Gotabhaya Rajapaksha has retain 31 for himself as the Minister of Defense.

The 168 institutions snatched by the three Rajapakshas is compared with other 292 institutions distributed among other 12 members of the cabinet of ministers.

According to the extraordinary gazette notification, 31 institutions taken under the purview of the Defense Ministry under President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa includes the armed forces, Coast Guard, Civil Defense, Police, State Intelligence Service, National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Department of Registration of Persons, National Media Centre, Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, Disaster Management Center, Department of Meteorology and National Building Research Organization.

Ministry of Finance, Economic and Policy Development under the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has 48 institutions according to the gazette notice. Most of the strategically important institutions of Lankan economy such as Treasury, Department of External Resources, Department of Inland Revenue, Sri Lanka Customs, Excise Department, Central Bank of Sri Lanka and all state banks, Department of Census and Statistics Department of Commerce, and Sri Lanka Insurance Board are some of the institutions those taken under the control of Prime Minister. Mahinda Rajapaksha has other 40 institutions under his purview in the other ministerial portfolios he is entitled with.

Moreover Chamal Rajapaksha will be overseeing 39 institutions under three ministries under his control, and that include 26 important institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Lanka Views)

Institutions brought under the Ministry of Defence by new Gazette notification

The gazette notification proclaiming the relevant duties and functions to the Ministries has been published. The relevant gazette (Extraordinary) has been issued by the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday (10). The notification has been issued by the gazette (Extraordinary) no 2153/12 of 2019.12.10.

Accordingly, the following state institutions will operate under the purview of the Ministry of Defence.

01. Office of the Chief of Defence Staff
02. Sri Lanka Army
03. Sri Lanka Navy
04. Sri Lanka Air Force
05. Sri Lanka Police
06. Department of Civil Security
07. State Intelligence Service
08. Ranaviru Seva Authority
09. Sir John Kotelawala Defence University
10. Defence Services Command and Staff College
11. Defence Services School
12. National Cadet Corps
13. National Defence Fund
14. Defence Research and Development Centre
15. Sri Lanka Institute of National Defence Studies
16. Coast Guard Department of Sri Lanka
17. Lanka Logistics Limited
18. Rakna Arakshana Lanka Ltd.
19. National Dangerous Drugs Control Board
20. Department of Immigration and Emigration
21. Department of Registration of Persons
22. National Media Centre,
23. Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations
24. Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
25. Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
26. Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team
27. National Disaster Management Council
28. Disaster Management Centre
29. National Disaster Relief Services Centre
30. Department of Meteorology
31. National Building Research Organization



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