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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Sri Lanka: Rajapaksas have banned 5 news websites – UNP

The Rajapaksa regime has yet again demonstrated its callous disrespect for democratic practices, by banning five popular websites without giving any regard to the constitutionally-enshrined freedom to right to information, says the UNP in a statement.

Lankanewsweb, Lankaenews, Lankaguardian, Colombotelegraph and Srilankamirror have been exposing the corruptions, frauds and other irregularities of the government, it says.
The government wants to prevent its exposure before society and shows its fear of the true public opinion, which it has not been able to buy, although it has taken control of several media institutions through its businessman cronies.
Only inefficient, corrupt administrations and administrators fear the true public opinion, which will surface despite attempts to bury underground.
The state media is in a sorry state of affairs, while the media cronies of the government unhesitatingly sling mud at its opponents, who are also being hunted, says the UNP.
The most unfortunate situation is that certain so-called private media are questioning the role of the websites and independent media and supporting the government’s media repression, which cannot be expected in a democratic society.
As the main opposition, the UNP demands the government to immediately lift the ban on these websites and to respect the citizens’ right to access to know the truth



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