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Sri Lanka: President urges judiciary to use its powers to fight the menace of “defaming and malign”

Image: President speaking at the swearing in of Judges ( Photo @GotabayaR)

Addressing the gathering of newly appointed higher court judges president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has urged the judiciary to rise and use its powers to fight this menace of defaming and malign.

Chief Justice Jayantha C Jayasooriya, Secretary to the President P. B. Jayasundera, Principal Advisor to the President Lalith Weeratunga were also present at the occasion.

He has further said that “access to justice today is a fundamental right. It is the sacred duty and obligation of the state to provide an enabling environment to make that right real and not imaginary. Access to justice must be transparent if the people are to have confidence and faith in the judicial system.

Whether we perform our role within the Executive, the Legislature or the Judiciary, we are all custodians of that faith. We hold our office in trust for the people. As judges, the people look to you to uphold the immense dignities of your high office, to discharge your duties with integrity and independence, and to ensure that justice is dispensed equitably to all.

In this context, it is a matter of some concern that there has been an onslaught on the dignity and independence of legal systems. I am deeply committed to supporting the independence of the judiciary and ensuring that its functioning is free of politicization and other forms of interference. The judiciary must also rise and use its powers to fight this menace. Freedom of speech is not a license to defame and malign anyone, least of all judge”

Foll speech as a PDF:  New milestone in the judiciary in the country – 06 new Judges appointed to Supreme Court



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