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Sri Lanka President Slams Some NGOs, Media & Traitorous Forces

( Civil groups campaigning against Sirisena – Mahinda coliation during the General Election Aug 2015 (c)s.deshapriya)

President Sirisena is continuing his verbal attacks on democratic institutions in the country, this time attacking NGOs and Media without naming any of them.

He has said that hes is  not ready to compromise national security in order to please NGOs, reports Daily Mirror.

This time also he was speaking to armed forces participating at the the Armed Forces’ investiture ceremony, ‘Gallantry Awards 2016.’

Certain media organisations, journalists, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and traitorous forces act without realizing the importance of ensuring national security, he has accused.

Embarking  Rajapaksa  terminology to attack opponents  Sirisena told media that “Some factions act without understanding this. Sometimes, it appears, some media organisations, journalists, NGOs and various traitorous forces do this.”

“I have to say this clearly: some media behaved in an unacceptable manner abusing the media freedom that exists today. But, no matter how much they criticize, oppose or attack me, I will never lose confidence in the armed forces and will always be committed to do the utmost for the welfare, honour and dignity of the three armed forces and our heroic soldiers,” President Sirisena has said.

Again embarking on Rajapaka ideology of  shallow peritoneum Sirisena has said that” Sri Lanka’s history was full of wars, struggles, rebellions and resistance activated by our great ancestors. Our history of resistance and rebellion runs back more than 1,000 years. We faced foreign dominance from 1505 to 1948. During the foreign rule, Sri Lanka not only lost her dignity but the culture, economy and all her rights. But there were constant struggles against the plunder of our country by foreigners. Thus, heroism was not anything alien or unfamiliar to Sri Lankans. We were able to confront foreign threats with resolve and bravery. We have inherited heroism”.

Attacking recently held Purawasi Balaya press conference without naming them Sirisena said that those who had no clear knowledge of and an inadequate assessment of national security should not comment on it. He added that he would not be perturbed or unsettled by the comments made by those who did not have an iota of knowledge of State Administration and governance.

The government has done much to promote reconciliation between the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other communities during the past one and half years and its efforts have been successful. We have also created an environment in the country that strengthens inter-communal peace and harmony. But we must not forget for a moment that there are certain groups and organisations that are ideologically in favour of separatism. These have not been destroyed and are waiting for an opportunity to create trouble in Sri Lanka. We must defeat them by hook or by crook. That is why we must win the confidence of the global community. We must not, at any moment, lower our guard with regard to national security. President Sirisena said.

Praising  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti NGO politics  Sirisena   has told  the military that Modi “described to him the disruptions caused in India by NGOs.”

Fron the time Sri Lanka gained independence from the British up to the 70s, the armed forces served the motherland without much disruption or calamity. The experience the armed forces got during that period helped them to crush LTTE terrorism within Sri Lanka. But we must never forget that the concept and ideology of LTTE terrorism is alive in certain parts of the world. It is clearly manifest in the protests staged against Sri Lanka in certain world capitals by LTTE sympathisers.

War triumphalism too has come back to Sirisena’s public speaking. “Therefore, the obliteration of LTTE terrorism must be made a great victory by strengthening ourselves physically, strategically and in combat. We cannot be complacent at any stage. We must be alert at all times and aware that separatist terrorism has not been defeated ideologically,”  he has said.

With the inputs from a Daily Mirror report


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