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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sri Lanka: Police OIC issues death threats to a journalist

A journalist who had gone to file a complaint regarding the misconduct of certain police officers has been threatened by the officer in charge (OIC) of the Point Pedro police station.

The OIC had aimed a revolver at the chest of Jayachandran Sulakshan, a journalist attached to the Jaffna-based Uthayan newspaper and issued death threats.

A small roadside tea stall owner near the Point Pedro Magistrate’s Court had informed Jayachandran on how police officers who come to the court daily have been forcibly obtaining ‘mobile data cards’ without paying for them.

According to the provincial journalists in Jaffna, an argument had ensued after Jayachandran Sulakshan had visited the station to lodge a complaint against the officers resulting in the OIC issuing death threats.



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