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Sri Lanka: PM says NGOs had armed the LTTE

Prime Minister D M Jayaratna says some Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) had armed and assisted the LTTE during the war. The Prime Minister made this comment when speaking in Parliament today on the controversy over the circular issued by the NGO Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence. Jayaratna insisted that the Government was not violating the constitution or human rights through the circular which was sent to all the registered NGOs this week.

He said that in recent times the intelligence units had unearthed information on some NGOs which were operating in a manner which threatened National security.
“During the 30 year war some NGOs even armed the terrorists,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that NGOs had now been advised to stick to their mandate and apart from a few, the others were following the regulations. (Colombo Gazette)


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