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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sri Lanka: Northern Agriculture Minister’s house attacked

Windows broken

An unidentified group has attacked the residence of Northern province Minister of Agriculture P. Iygaranesan which is situated in Thirunalweli, Jaffna last night (27).
The roof and windows of the provincial council minister’s house has been badly damaged from the attack and he is reported to have lodged a complaint regarding the attack to the Jaffna Police as well.

Meanwhile Mr. Iygaranesan issued a statement regarding the “MahaViru” LTTE Heroes Day, stressing that he is going to hold the ceremony somehow.

Accordingly a “tree planting Ceremony” parallel to the LTTE Heroes Day was organized with the patronage of the Northern Province Chief Minister and it is reported that Mr. Iygaranesan and the Provincial Education Minister were among the participants of the ceremony.

Mr. Iygaranesan further accused that the Security Forces had threatened him warning him that there would be a “tree planting” in the next year’s ceremony in his name as well.

He thus expressed his suspicions whether this was an attack conducted by some group more powerful than ordinary thugs.


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