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Sri Lanka MP’s Pampered With Free Body Massage

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s law makers are entitled to duty free cars and heavily subsidised five-star meals in addition to a retinue of personal staff all paid by the state, but they are now being offered free spa treatment too.

The members of parliament elected at the August elections were told that they have access to the “Pancha Karma Treatment” that includes head massage, foot therapy and full body massage.

Thrown in free are “beauty culture” as well as Korean acupuncture treatment .

“The Hon Members of parliament who come to this centre are examined for diagnosis and necessary medicines and treatment are provided to them free of charge,” according to instructions given to MPs.

A speciality of the medical services offered at parliament is treatment for obesity. MPs are offered subsidised meals. they pay LKR 10 for a cup of plain tea, and LKR 60 for a full breakfast while lunch is a pricy LKR 150.

MPs can entertain upto a dozen guests at a time by paying only LKR 250 per head for a five-star meal.

The ayurveda centre in parliament is manned by staff from the Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital in Borella. In addition, an allopathic medical facility is also operated inside parliament complex to treat MPs, staff and their families as well as visitors.

All 225 MPs are covered by a group medical insurance which will pay hospital bills upto LKR 200,000 a year for every member. They are also covered by a LKR 5.0 million life insurance policy in case of an accident or a terrorist attack. (COLOMBO, Dec 20, 2015)


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