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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sri Lanka: Monk Expounding Holy Qu’ran

I saw in the net recently, a monk strongly advising a gathering of Sinhala people not to eat or drink from Muslim hotels as they (hotel workers) spit thrice on eatables and drinks and then serve the Sinhalese. Further, he stresses that the Holy Qur’an itself compels to do so.

How cruel it is to utter such words! I mean, of mentioning that it appears in the Holy Qur’an. No man will spit on foods and give even to a cat or dog. This monk has not seen the Sinhala and Muslim neighbours eating together sitting around ‘savans’ (5 or 6 people sitting around a platter) whether it is weddings, almsgivings or a friendly gatherings.
However, Sinhala brothers are not so simpleton to absorb such cheap talks into their minds. What I feel sad is why should religion be dragged to the contemporary subjects irrelevant to religion.
These meaningless utterances by Buddhist monks create strong detest towards Islam. One’s religion becomes sublime according to the way one respects the religion of another.
Nobody should encourage creating hatred or enmity to one another in this small country where all wish to live in harmony.
 We are not permanent here and therefore why develop resentment for a short peaceful living.
All are human beings and for them to live in harmony and unity, religious leaders centuries ago have already preached enough.

Naszly Cassiam
Colombo 13


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