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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sri Lanka: Military governor to restrict NPC powers and attacks TNA

G. A. Chandrasiri


Civilian or Military, a Governor has to play by the rules

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has to abide by the country’s Constitution and the National Policy as members of the Northern Provincial Council, Northern province Governor G. A. Chandrasiri said yesterday.

“Acting against the Constitution, the Tamil National Alliance has prepared budget proposals to initiate departments in the Northern Province at their inaugural budget,” Governor Chandrasiri charged. The Governor said he has approved the Northern Provincial Council’s appropriation budget. “I made a note that they can only establish Authorities in the Province according to the Constitution. “I had to tell them that they are expected to uphold the Constitution and the National Policy as the councilors”. “They have attempted to set up a department of housing and a department of transport,” Governor Chandrasiri revealed.

He said they had to follow Constitutional procedures to set up departments in the Northern Province. “There are some administrative units and structures which require the approval of the President,the governor and the Chief Minister of the Province,” he explained. Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran had presented the inaugural budget of the Northern Provincial Council on Tuesday.

 “I told them that they can only set up Authorities for the subject of Transport and Housing,” the Governor said.
“Their main focus of the budget debate was to get a civilian governor for the Northern Province, saying that this Governor should be a person with no military background”. “Civil or military, the Governor of the Province functions according to the Constitution,”he pointed out.

 “It appears they they will be pleased to have a governor who does not have any knowledge about the Provincial Council system who would say “Yes” to anything they say,” said Chandrasiri – See more at:


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