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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sri Lanka: Independent MPs write to foreign missions on the postponement of LG polls

The Freedom People’s Congress in a letter to foreign missions in the country over the delay in holding the Local Government Election, have  expressed their deep concern over the present situation surrounding the franchise of the people.

The letter notes that the timeframes for the conduct of elections at all levels are defined by the Constitution of Sri Lanka and other applicable statutory regimes.

It notes that compliance with these requirements is mandatory, there being no flexibility or scope for  exercise of discretion.

The Freedom People’s Congress says that for the first time in Sri Lanka’s history, the government of the day has adopted the startling position that an election cannot be held because the financial resources required are not available, adding that the implications of this will be apparent upon a moment’s reflection.

It warned that at its sole discretion, the government of the day will be entitled to postpone any election on the ground of unavailability or inadequacy of resources – a power which it will no doubt be tempted to exercise in any circumstances where imminent defeat is probable.

It requested the Diplomatic Missions to bring this distressing state of affairs to the notice of their respective capitals, with a view to prevailing on the government of Sri Lanka to desist from a course of action gravely detrimental to the nation.



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