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Sri Lanka: Govt will ban protesting Uni students from jobs says Police Minster’s daily!

In the midst of daily protests by university undergraduates escalating, the Government has decided against offering State sector jobs in future to those who engage in anti-Government protests and riots, reports a news paper owned by Police Minister Tiran Alas.

The Ceylon Today  quotes a top Government official and say that the Government has taken steps to identify and maintain records of those, especially undergraduates, who are engaged in ‘unnecessary’ anti-Government protests.

The news report has not define what is “unnecessary’ anti-Government protest” means.

The report further says that a database will be maintained and when these people apply for Government jobs, they will not be given preference.

In Sri Lanka there is a procedure where Police records and Grama Niladhari certificates are sought when recruiting for employment in the public sector. They are easily obtainable.

New paper hints that same rule will be applied to when recruiting employees to the private sector.

However, these things were not taken very seriously in the past when recruitments were made through graduate schemes. However, the Government will strictly monitor and disqualify such candidates who are part of anti-Government protests or riots in the future,” the unnamed official  has told  the newspaper.

However informed sources says that these are empty threats by the Minister in charge of police. There is no law defining unnecessary protest in Sri Lanka, they point out.



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