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Sri Lanka Govt to introduce new laws to punish Covid-19 health regulations violators!

Health Minister Pavitra Wanniarachchi has warned that all those violating health safety regulations would be arrested and remanded for a period of six months, according to Ceylon Today.

The report says that Minister warned that the judiciary would be able to come down hard on all those who violate the health guidelines of wearing a mask and maintaining one- metre distance once the Health Guidelines were gazetted by her within the next two days.

“The Minister said the Government was in the process of taking several decisions regarding safeguarding the health of the population. Accordingly, legal action will be taken, by the Director General Health Services, against all those who violate the gazetted health regulations in areas which have been named as areas where there is a COVID-19 risk, she warned. Persons violating the regulations in such areas would be arrested and remanded for a period of six months. The gazetted regulations would permit the Court to levy a fine of not less than Rs.10,000 from violators or remand them.  The judiciary would be able to give them both punishments too.

The Minister said that even those who fail to check the temperature of those entering into various premises would be held responsible under the gazetted regulations.”

Ceylon Today


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