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Sri Lanka govt is using intelligence services to control tea production standards.

(Image courtesy of ENS)

Sri Lanka government is using intelligence services to find out improper ways and means in the production of Ceylon Tea, it has been revealed.

A presidential media unit (PMD) report says that “Based on intelligence information the Special Task Force of the Police and the Police raid tea factories which produce garbage tea and using harmful chemical components.”

The report further says that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has urged the tea factory owners not to pave the way to tarnish the image of Ceylon Tea brand which has attracted many countries in the world for a long time.

Sri Lankan media has reported instances of adulterating the quality tea by mixing sugar, glucose, sodium bicarbonate and ferrous sulfate and the rejection of such tea in the world market has caused a huge setback to the tea industry according to the PMD report.

President has stressed that no room will be left for tea industry to suffer the same fate that the pepper had met with.

President Rajapaksa has made these comments during a discussion with small and medium scale tea factory owners and exporters held at the Presidential Secretariat on 18 September.

“Production of low-quality tea will not be allowed”  the President has warned and has  given instructions to officials to close down the factories that do not adhere to this rule.

President has also instructed the acting Inspector General of Police to continue to raid such factories after conducting investigations with the assistance of intelligence services.

PMD report 


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