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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Sri Lanka: EU to push for accountability; support US resolution

The European Union (EU) will push for accountability from Sri Lanka during the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva next month.
A statement following the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels yesterday said that the EU will also support efforts aimed at keeping the issues of accountability and reconciliation as well as the current human rights situation in Sri Lanka on the agenda of  the Human Rights Council.

The EU Foreign Affairs Council adopted the conclusions on the stand it will take over various issues at the 22nd UN Human Rights Council session which begins in Geneva next week.
Sri Lanka is scheduled to be discussed during the session early next month with the High Commission for Human 
Rights Navi Pillay already submitting a report on Sri Lanka.
In its conclusions the EU Foreign Affairs Council said that the  EU is committed to engage with countries from all regions on initiatives that genuinely contribute to the protection of human rights and strengthens their universal  application.
The Council stressed on the importance of addressing key human rights concerns  and discussing human priorities at the UN in contacts with third countries at all levels, with a view to mobilizing cross-regional cooperation for an effective UN human rights system.  
(Colombo Gazette)


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