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Sri Lanka Election Commission members again threatened with death

Another member of the Election Commission has reportedly received death threats over the phone last night.

Commission member M.M Mohammed, had been threatened to resign from his post.

Also, Election Commison member S.B. Divaratna who received death threats earlier had received death threats once again yesterday.

Earlier, the Criminal Investigations Department had launched investigations after Commission members K.P.P. Pathirana and S.B. Divaratna were threatened with death if they did not resign from the Commission.

Accordingly, armed police officers have been deployed to provide security to the residences of those two members.

Police said M.M Mohammed reportedly received a  threatening call last night while S.B. Divaratna received a threatening text though Whatsapp.

Police said steps were taken to provide necessary police protection to the election commission members.

28/01/ 23



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