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Sri Lanka: Does gvernment expect Muslims to carry weapons? – Azath Saali, Muslim Tamil National Alliance

Bodu Bala Sena” the Sinhala movement and other Sinhalese racists are carrying out unscrupulous activities against the Muslim and why government is silently watching.
Suppression against Muslims and continuous autocracies are unleashed against the Muslims by the government,   and to protect their rights, whether Muslims should carry weapons, is what the government expect was queried by Muslim Tamil National Front. Movements appealed not to shove the Muslims to that state.
Government is stating that this as a minor problem and avoiding but the consequence would be dangerous This was the warning given by Muslim Tamil National Front Leader and Colombo Urban Council former Deputy Mayor Azath Saali to the government.
By opposing to the suppression which are advanced by the government against the Muslims, he said, suppression against Muslims in recent times are increasing. Last Sunday a Sinhala group assaulted two Muslim businessmen which evidence is recorded.
Two Muslim shops were in the Embilipitiya market and the owners were assaulted by a Sinhala group. Why they were attacked by a Sinhala group? For what?
“Bodu Bala Sena” the Sinhala movement and another Sinhala racist group are continuously executing suppression against the Muslims. But government did not take any action against them.
We are not aware whether government will take action against the Embilipiitya Muslim traders attack incident, he said.
Bhikku who was in foremost for Dambulla mosque attack, government did not take any action. There is sufficient evidence to arrest them, but government ignored the issue.
When suppression are carried out against the Muslims, the ruling party Muslim Ministers and MPs are complaining to Defense Ministry Secretary. What is the use of complaining to him?

Smashing the Muslim mosque, attack against the Muslim traders, unscrupulous activities carried out by the Sinhala racist that Muslim’s  Halal food should be banned are minor issues is claimed  by Defense Secretary.

 Playing with the religion and in people’s lives is considered whether to be minor issues?
Consequence for these minor issues may divert the country to a dangerous situation. Suppressions against the Muslim should not continue in future in this country. The government should take necessary and immediate action concerning this.  Penalty should be given to those advancing suppression.

Government silently watching,   the suppression unleashed against the Muslims, and whether government   is expecting that Muslim should carry weapons to protect their rights. No. don’t push us to that situation was mentioned by Azath Saali.



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