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Sri Lanka: Deputy minister made a policeman kneel on highway

Azad Sally, leader of National Unity Front, has alleged that a policeman was made to kneel on a highway.
He made this statement at a media briefing held Wednesday in Colombo.
“A deputy minister had been speeding on the highway. He was travelling at 140 kilometres per hour. He was stopped at the Kottawa interchange and the police had given him a ticket. What happened there? He made the policeman who gave him the ticket sit on the pavement and, within two hours, they had transferred him.”

“The man in the police who tried to enforce the law was made to kneel on the highway. This is the law of the country. We have said before that the law in this country has gone to the dogs. We say this everyday.”
He added: “Incidents like this are shown on the TV everyday. You cannot watch a news bulletin because of all the murders and thefts.”
Who is the Deputy Minister that Azad Sally is referring to?

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