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Sri Lanka commmunal violence: Hakeem demands immediate action

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) yesterday demanded the government take immediate action to resolve the tense situation in Aluthgama, warning that the party will take stern political decisions if the government failed to ensure the security of the people.

SLMC Leader and Minister of Justice, Rauff Hakeem, told a press conference yesterday, he was ashamed to be a minister, as proper steps have not been carried out to prevent the Aluthgama incident.

Echoing the party’s views, he condemned the police for not taking proper action to prevent the violence, since problems occurred for three days continuously, and the police should have taken suitable action to stop the meeting that was organized by a particular group.

“The present tense situation in Aluthgama occurred due to an inflammatory speech given by this organization and we will take legal action against them for creating chaos. They will be soon held accountable,” he said.

Minister Hakeem called for the immediate arrest of the culprits and said the police should not stop there but take further action, as these people have caused unwarranted damages to property, and especially to people.
“We are taking this stand not to de-stabilize the government or trying to be a part of the international conspiracy. We are not an impulsive or emotional party. We have given time to the government to act accordingly, and if they fail, they will have to see us taking stern action, as we are answerable to those who have given a mandate to us,” he said.
He also said as the leader of SLMC, he has the right to take any kind of firm action, as the party hierarchy has given him that authority.

“I, as the Justice Minister, can only say and suggest things, but the implementation should be done accordingly. If they can prevent rallies and protests of other organizations, why not this said organization?” he said.
By Mirudhula Thambiah
Ceylon Today


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