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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sri Lanka committed to implement 13th constitution amendment: MEA, INDIA

[Syed Akbaruddin-]
Quoting the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin Indian media has reported that ”Sri Lanka has assured India that it is committed to implementing the 13th amendment in its constitution’

Syed Akbaruddin has made this comment addressing a press conference in New Delhi.

“Our stand is that whatever decision has been taken by Sri Lanka for its people should be implemented. We have been assured by SriLanka that they are committed to implement the 13th amendment,” he has said.

President Rajapaksa has on several occasions promised to implement the 13th amendment to SriLankan constitution in full, which sought to set up provincial councils in the country. But he in practice he has concentrated the power to the centre, and opposes devolution of power as a solution.


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