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Sri Lanka Brief Fact Sheet: Militarisation and Securitization of Government and Governance in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Brief Fact Sheet: Militarisation and Securitization of Government and Governance in Sri Lanka.

June 2020.

Here is the list of military appointments made by president Gotabhaya Rajapaksa outside the military establishments.

1. Major General (Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne:

-Secretary of Defence (November 2020)i

-TRCSL- Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka – The Regulator of Telecommunication Industry of Sri Lanka (December 2020)ii

– Head, Presidential Task Force to build a Secure Country, Disciplined, Virtuous and Lawful Society (June 2020)

– Head, The Presidential Task Force for Archaeological Heritage Management in the Eastern Provinceiii (June 2020)

2. Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva

– Head, National Operation Center for Prevention of COVID- 19iv

3. General (Rtd) R. M. Daya Ratnayake

– Chairman Sri Lanka Port Authority (December 2019)v

4. Major General (Rtd) G.A. Chandrasiri

– Former Governor Northern Province, Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) (December 2020)vi

5. Major General (Rtd) Sudantha Ranasinghe

– Director General of the Disaster Management Center (DMC) (January 2020)

6. Major General Vijitha Ravipriya

– Director General of Sri Lanka Customs (February 2020)vii

7. Maj. Gen. S.W.L Daulagala(Rtd)

– Chairman of Ceylon Fisheries Corporationviii

8. Major General (Rtd) D.M.S. Dissanayaka

– Chairman, Consumer Affairs Authorityix

9. Admiral Jayanath Colombage (Rtd)

– Additional Secretary to the President for foreign relations. (December 2019)x

10. Major General Nanda Mallawaarachchi (Rtd)

-Director-General of the Multi-Purpose Development Task Force (January 2020)xi

11. Major General Sanjeeva Munasinghe

– Secretary, Ministry of Health (May 2020)xii

12. Major General (Rtd) Sumedha Perera

– Secretary to the Mahaweli Ministry (May 2020)xiii

13. Rear Admiral Ananda Peiris

– Director General of Civil Defence Force (CDF) (December 2019)xiv

14. Major General K. Jagath Alwis – Chief of the Chief of National Intelligence (CNI), Section of the Police (December 2020)xv

15. Task Force to monitor the progress in the investigation into 2019 Easter Sunday attacks (February 2020).

TF includes the Director-State Intelligence Service, Director General-Military Intelligence, Deputy Inspector General-Criminal Investigation Department, Director-Counter Terrorism and Investigation Division and Director Legal-Sri Lanka Police.xvi

16. Brigadier Salley

– Chief, State Intelligence Service, section of the Police (Decmber 2020)xvii

17. Major General Prasad Samarasinghe (Rtd)

-Chief Manager, Lotus Tower project, Colombo.xviii

18. Former Air Force Commander Marshal of the Air Force Roshan Gunathilake

– Governor of the Western Province ( May 2020)xix

Head, PTK to ensure the health security at military campsxx

19. Vice Admiral Mohan Wijewickrama

-High Commissioner. Pakistan (June 2020)

Committe for Prisons Restructuring includes only military and police personalxxi

Major General (Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne,Secretary Defence,

Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva, Defence Staff Chief/Army Commander

C.D. Wickremarathne (Acting Inspector General of Police)

Members of the Presidential Task Force to build a Secure Country, Disciplined, Virtuous and Lawful Societyxxii

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva (Commander of the Sri Lanka Army),

Vice Admiral Piyal de Silva (Commander of Sri Lanka Navy),

Air Marshal Sumangala Dias (Commander of Sri Lanka Air Force),

C.D. Wickremarathne (Acting Inspector General of Police),

Major General (Retired) Vijitha Ravipriya (Director General of Customs),

Major General (Retired) Jagath Alwis (Chief of the National Intelligence Service),

Major General Suresh Salley (Director of State Intelligence Service),

Major General A. S. Hewavitharana (Director of Army Intelligence Unit),

Captain S.J. Kumara (Director of Navy Intelligence Unit),

Air Commodore M.D.J. Wasage (Director of Air Force Intelligence Unit),

T. C. A. Dhanapala (Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Special Task Force of Police)

Waruna Jayasundara (Deputy Inspector-General of Police).

Military/Police members of the Task Force on Economic Revival and Poverty Eradication xxiii

Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva, Defence Staff Chief/Army Commander

C.D. Wickramaratne, Acting Inspector General of Police

Maj. Gen. (Retired) Shantha Dissanaya, Consumer Affairs Authority Chairman

Rear Admiral (Retired) Ananda Peiris, Department of Civil Defence Director General

General Maj. Gen. (Retired) Vijitha Ravipriya, Sri Lanka Customs Director

Maj. Gen. (Retired) Sudantha Ranasinghe, Director General, Disaster Management Centre

Maj. Gen. (Retired) Sumedha Perera

Government Instituions & Departments under the Ministry of Defencexxiv

(Note: There is no minister of defence in Sri Lanka. President can not hold any ministerial posts under the constitution)

Lanka Logistics Limited ( https://lltl.lk )

Rakana Arakshana Lanka Limited (https://rall.lk/)

Department of Immigration and Emmigration

Department of Registration of Persons

National Media Centre ( National Media Center is for with the aim of disseminating trustworthy and accurate information to the public.xxv )

Secretariat for Non Governmental Organisations (http://www.ngosecretariat.gov.lk/)

Telecommunication Regulatory Aithority Sri Lanka (http://www.trc.gov.lk/)

Information and Communication Technology Agency of sri Lanka (https://www.icta.mu/home2.html )

Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Reediness Team (https://www.cert.gov.lk/)

National Disaster Management Centre (http://www.drr.dmc.gov.lk/)

National Disaster Relief Services Centre (http://www.ndrsc.gov.lk/ )

Department of Meteorology

National Building Research organisation (http://www.nbro.gov.lk/)

Api Wenuwen Api Fund [The Api Wenuwen Api Fund is a collaboration between the Ministry of Defence and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to build 50,000 houses for the serving Tri-Service personnel.]

National Police Academy

Miloda Institute (Academy of Finance studies) [The training Arm of the Ministry of Finance]

National Authority for the Implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention [ National Authority for the Implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention (NA CWC) is an Authority established under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce according to Act No. 58 of 2007 to implement the international treaty “Chemical Weapons Convention” and fulfil its obligations.]

Sri Lanka Institute of National Defence Studies [Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka (INSSSL) is the premiere National Security Think Tank of Sri Lanka established under the Ministry of Defence.]

Department of Multi-Purpose Development Task Force. [Major General (Retd.) Nanda Mallawarachchi heads the Director-General of the Department of Multi-Purpose Development Task Force which aims to provide employment to 100,000 low income people. The Task Force was established under the Ministry of Home Affairs.]

Note: President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is a Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd)xxvi and wears his military medals on nationally important occasions.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at 72nd Independence day ceremony,  Colombo, Sri Lanka. on February 4, 2020. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto)
















xxivhttp://www.defence.lk/ & https://srilankabrief.org/2020/05/though-sri-lanka-has-no-minster-of-defence-president-rajapaksa-takes-over-6-more-institutions-under-the-ministry/


xxvi https://gota.lk/profile/


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