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Sri Lanka: Attorney General orders suspects who raped deaf and dumb girl to be freed

Sarath Palitha Fernando the attorney general (AG) who has been appointed by the brutal lawless Mademulana beasts not to dispense justice but to stoke lawlessness in the country had given instructions to the Kuliyapitiya magistrate Bandula Gunarathne to allow two suspects to go scott free who raped a deaf and dumb young girl, even without hearing a trial.

The magistrate acting on the instructions given by the AG via an undated letter , has released the two suspects despite the fact that the DNA report has clearly stated that the father of the child born to the victim is one of the suspects , Susantha Vijitha Bandara. In other words in keeping with the raging lawlessness in the country under the MaRa regime , the magistrate had acted following an AG who is there solely and wholly not to dispense justice but to make it a mockery to solely and wholly to please the MaRa regime.
In 2010, based on a complaint lodged with the Narammala police by the brother of the victim , the two suspects were taken into custody and produced before court following investigations.
When the AG of the State instructs not to pursue the case , there is no law for the magistrate or the police to continue with the case.
In other words , while this poor innocent handicapped girl clearly had been proved as has been a victim of two ruthless rapists who had taken advantage of her physical weakness and committed the crime within the court premises , it has also been proved a heartless beast of an AG had ‘raped’ (mentally tortured ) her using the court taking advantage of the weakness of the bestial laws of the MaRa regime.
In the circumstances , if this is a country where the women do not rise against these brutalities and injustices of this demonic AG and the regime, this must be a country of women sans life or honor. If this is a country where there is a legal profession that does not protest , the latter must be manned by professionals who are deaf and dumb.
Meanwhile this same shameless AG had yesterday summoned Thusitha Mudalige , the state counsel of the AG’s department to his official cubicle and outrageously instructed him not to press the case that is now being heard relating to the murder of Khurram Sheikh , the British national , and the gang rape committed on his fiancée by the suspects , Tangalla local body chairman and his friends. The AG had also told Thusitha who is appearing on behalf of the prosecution ( the AG’s department) not to cross examine in a manner that would incriminate the accused.



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