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Sri Lanka: Assaulted passenger to file an FR against the police

Duminda Happuarachi
An innocent passenger who was allegedly assaulted by the police during a protest at the Fort railway station last week is to file a Fundamental Rights (FR) petition against the police over the incident.
Duminda Happuarachi claims he was assaulted by the police when he got caught between the police and the mob during last week’s protest.
Happuarachi said that his wife and children are in shock after the incident and he had been advised to file an FR case.

Television footage showed Happuarachi bleeding from his head after the assault and being dragged away by the police despite saying he was in pain and that he was an innocent bystander.
Meanwhile a police investigation has been launched into the assault on Happuarachi by the police during the protest at the Fort railway.
The police said that the investigation is being led by a senior police officer and action will be taken if any policeman is found guilty.

Report by Indika Sri Aravinda


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