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Sri Lanka: Arms, funding from Gota to revive LTTE! – LNW

We are hereby exposing a top secret plan to revive the LTTE organization, presently in a state of inaction both locally and internationally, and its combat capabilities, and use it for the furtherance of the government by misleading the world community.
It is entirely a plan by defence secretary Gotabhaya Nandasena Rajapaksa, which is being plotted without the knowledge of the commanders of the three armed forces or top government politicians. A handful of local military officers very loyal to him are making the plans under his direct and full supervision.

As the first part of the plan, the LTTE armed wing leader Sivasubramaniam Varathanathan alias Colonel Paduman is to lead the revival of the organization. He is one of the two LTTE armed wing leaders who had attended a news briefing held by Prabhakaran at his Kilinochchchi headquarters on the day the then UNP regime signed a peace agreement with the LTTE in February 2002. The other participant was Karuna Amman, who was the then eastern province armed wing leader. Following an internal struggle for power, Paduman was ordered by Prabhakaran to be imprisoned, while Karuna broke away from the organization. After being in LTTE custody for nearly two years, Paduman escaped during the final stages of the war, surrendered to the military and was imprisoned.

Gotabhaya first employed Karuna, presently a deputy minister of the government, to tempt Paduman into his project, and the two had first met in the middle of this year at prison. Paduman had straightforwardly told Karuna that he wanted to revive the armed struggle against the Sinhala government. Karuna then told Gotabhaya that he cannot convince Paduman into agreeing to his project. Taking matters into his own hands, Gotabhaya met Paduman at a secret location, and as a result of their meeting, Paduman was absolved of charges and acquitted in late September by Trincomalee high court judge Amal Ranaraja who had cited a lack of evidence against him.

Paduman is now in Trincomalee, living double life. To the outside world, he is leading a secluded, peaceful and religious life and is attending Kovil poojas twice a day. But, in actual fact, he has taken 40 LTTE cadres who had been under him in the armed wing, to Colombo. They are now receiving special training at a location near the Panagoda Army Camp. The coordination of this group is being done by a group of soldiers competent in the Tamil language. This team of LTTEers intends to resume jungle combat activities, for which the defence secretary will provide all the necessities. For Paduman’s use in Colombo, the defence secretary has given him a luxury house in the high security zone where the official residences of the commanders of the three armed forces too, are located.

The foundation is now being laid under the defence secretary’s orders to revive the LTTE. Accordingly, firearms are being found and taken into custody at various locations and from buses and motor vehicles, which all are being given wide publicity, also on his orders to all media. The LTTE organization being revived with government sponsorship is targeting to assassinate leading Tamil politicians, especially Northern Province chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran, TNA leader R. Sampanthan, MPs Sridharan and M.A. Sumandiran. The defence secretary has tasked the new LTTE with the elimination of all pro-democratic tendencies.  We are in possession of further details, but it is not yet time to reveal them. It has been several months since we exclusively received details of this plan, and we have been collecting, comparing and double checking the details. We will now reveal these details step by step.


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