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Sri Lanka: A Captain Reveals to the Courts; Torture and Murder chamber at Giritale Army Camp

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A torture chamber and a murder chamber had been in operation at the Giritale security camp under the direct administration of  Gotabaya Rajapakse, the  ex defense secretary of the former lawless Mahinda Rajapakse reign, the CID has uncovered among loads of vital information , according to reports.

These most conroversial inhuman tortures  and murders committed during the former Rajapakse regime had sent a wave of rude shock among the people .The CID  had been able to unearth all this information during the investigation into the abduction and brutal killing of journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda .The latter had been most ruthlessly killed after inflicting torture while he was detained at the Girithale camp.

Four front line  army security officers , namely Lieutenant Colonel Shammi Kumararatne, Lieutenant Colonel Siriwardena , staff sergeant Rajapakse and Corporal Jayalath have already been taken into custody by the CID and are being interrogated after obtaining court detention orders on them.

In addition to these four army officers , retired army sergeant major Ranbanda and two officers of the Tamil national army intelligence division were earlier taken into custody. They too are being quizzed following detention orders taken on them from court.

Meanwhile the revelations made pertaining to the Giritale army camp by Captain Wickremesinghe the accused in a case No. 50/10 filed in the Kandy high court by the Attorney general, are also being investigated by the CID, it is learnt . Captain Wickremesinghe is by profession a graduate teacher . During the years 2008-2009 while he was a teacher in a school he had been  serving as a voluntary officer of the forces.

At that time a Tamil firend of the captain was taken into police custody. Thereafter the captain too was arrested. Captain Wickremesinghe the accused in case No. 50/10 making a special statement to the court in this case revealed how he was taken to the basement of the Giritale camp where the torture chamber was , and tortured. He also told court he was blindfolded and detained.

Subsequently on a frame up a case was filed against him by the AG in the Kandy high court. Duirng the proceedings Captain Wickremesinghe revealed all the lurid details of the most inhuman and degrading treatment he was subjected to at the camp.

Wickremesinghe also stated those who were victims of the white Van abductions were tortured and mercilessly killed after detaining them in the Giritale camp. It was only he who escaped death after being taken to the camp ,and came out alive from the camp , he further noted.

Based on his shocking revelations , according to reports there must be thousands of skeletons of humans in the precincts of the Giritale army camp ,who fell victims to these tortures and brutal murders during the Rajapakse regime .

By – T. Jeyakumar
Translated By Jeff

– Lanka-e-News


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