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Sri Lanka: 130 Medical professionals issue a statement against oppression of protesters

Image: In the north of Sri Lanka Tamils protests against the suppression of Aragalaya.

Issuing a statement  130 Medical Professionals “We the senior medical professionals join with all other organisations, civil society groups and peace loving general public in vehemently condemning the current campaign of intimidation, arbitrary arrests and harassment of the activists conducted by a president with no moral legitimacy and backed by a parliament that has long lost the people’s mandate to govern.”

Medical Professionals Against Oppression of Protesters

We, the Senior Medical Professionals, were quite concerned about the possible undesirable effects of a state of emergency. Hence we took the initiative few days ago to write to all parliamentarians requesting them not to approve the emergency laws in the parliament. However our request went unheeded and we can now see the full force of the emergency regulations being applied mainly to punish and silence the Aragalaya activists.

We wish to reiterate our initial position that the uprising which appeared to be concentrated in the Galle Face was in fact the culmination of the widespread discontent of all sectors of the population throughout the country against the economic difficulties brought on mainly by the corrupt political system pervading Sri Lankan society.

Aragalaya activists are the genuine apolitical representatives of the oppressed people suffering various hardships in their day to day life, transcending all racial, religious and other barriers which the self serving politicians have been gleefully exploiting for their own sustenance over the years. A few politically aligned groups may have joined in later, but their questionable activities should not be an excuse to devalue the genuine intentions of the large numbers who initiated the protests or the millions who converged on Colombo or gathered elsewhere in the country to show their discontent.

We the senior medical professionals join with all other organisations, civil society groups and peace loving general public in vehemently condemning the current campaign of intimidation, arbitrary arrests and harassment of the activists conducted by a president with no moral legitimacy and backed by a parliament that has long lost the people’s mandate to govern.

We wish to bring to the notice of the short sighted rulers that their declaration of a state of emergency and abusing the same to suppress the peaceful expression of public discontent is already having severe adverse repercussions in the international community whose cooperation we are eagerly seeking to help us out of the dire economic situation affecting the people. We note with much concern that the Fitch rating agency has stated already that despite the superficially apparent strength in the parliament, the government has no stability or credibility among the people.

We demand as a matter of extreme urgency that the rulers immediately withdraw the state of emergency and apply the normal laws of the country which are quite adequate to deal with any alleged offences.

We dread to think of the repercussions including mass protests that could be triggered with possible bloodshed if the government does not change the current path of confrontation with malicious action. As responsible citizens we shall not watch idly if Sri Lanka is pushed into turmoil by state sponsored violence.

We the undersigned;

1. Dr. Nilmini Abeygynawardhana, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
2. Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare, Emeritus Professor of Surgery
3. Dr. Deshan Adhihetty, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
4. Dr. Naomali Amarasena, Consultant Cardiologist
5. Dr. Ajith Amarasinghe, Consultant Paediatrician
6. Dr. Navoda Atapattu, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist
7.Prof. Piyusha Atapattu, Professor in physiology
8. Dr. Chathurini Ariyarathna, Consultant Neonatologist
9. Dr. B Balagobi, Consultant Urological Surgeon
10. Prof Shyama Banneheka, Professor in Anatomy
11. Dr. Harshini Bentharawithana, Consultant Physician
12. Dr. Miyuru Chandradasa,Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
13. Dr. Amila Chandrasiri, Consultant Community Physician
14. Prof. Madava Chandrathilaka, Professor in Medical Education
15. Prof. Enoka Corea, Chair Professor of Microbiology
16. Prof. Lanka Dassanayake, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
17. Dr. Sarath Gamini De Silva, Consultant Physician
18. Dr. Aruna de Silva, Consultant Paediatrician
19. Dr. Darshani De Silva, Consultant Anesthetist
20. Dr. Gihan Indika de Silva, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
21.Dr. Sarath de Silva, Consultant Paediatrician
22. Prof. Piyanjali de Zoysa, Professor in Psychology
23. Dr. Neelika Dissanayake, Consultant Paediatrician
24. Dr. Asunga Dunuwille, Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist
25. Dr. Ramya Ediriweera, Consultant Paediatrician
26. Dr. Amitha Fernando, Consultant Respiratory Physician
27. Prof. Dinithi Fernando, Professor in Physiology
28. Dr. Lakkumar Fernando, Consultant Paediatrician
29. Dr. Nimali Fernando, Consultant Cardiologist
30. Dr. Jerard Fernando, Consultant Radiologist
31. Dr. Roshan Fernando, Consultant Psychiatrist
32. Dr. Sanjeewa Garusinghe, Consultant Neuro surgeon
33. Dr. Kishara Gunarathne, Consultant Neurologist
34. Dr. Deepa Gunasekara, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
35. Dr. Dammika Gunawardena, Consultant Haematologist
36. Dr. Rohan Gunawardena, Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist
37. Prof. NK Gunwardena, Senior Professor Medical Parasitology
38. Dr. Vindya Gunasekara, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist
39. Dr. Nishantha Gunasekera, Consultant Neurosurgeon
40. Dr. Kalyani Guruge, Consultant Paediatrician
41. Dr. Rasika Gunapala, Consultant Peadiatrician
42. Dr. Mahanama Gunasekara, Consultant Surgeon
43. Dr. Pavithra Godamunne, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
44. Dr. Zacky Haniffa, Consultant Cardiologist
45. Dr. Wathsala Hathagoda, Consultant Paediatrician
46. Dr. Upul Hapuarachchi, Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesiology
47. Dr. Ganga Hapuarachchi, Consultant Paediatrician
48.Dr. BV Hasheni, Consultant Physician
49. Prof. Rasika Herath, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
50. Dr. Anura Hewageegana, Consultant Nephrologist
51. Dr. Manjula Hewageeganage, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
52. Dr. Amila Isuru, Consultant Psychiatrist
53. Dr. Jayathri Jagoda, Consultant Rheumatologist
54. Dr. Ajith Jayasekara, Consultant Psychiatrist
55. Dr. Krishantha Jayasekara, Consultants Physician
56. Dr. PLS Jayawardena, Consultant Clinical & Radiation Oncologist
57. Prof. Ranil Jayawardana, Professor in Nutrition
58. Dr. Anura Jayawardana, Consultant Peadiatrician
59. Dr. BAD Jayawardana, Consultant Peadiatric Surgeon
60. Dr. Nirukshan Jayaweera, Consultant Neurosurgeon
61. Dr. Eresha Jasinge, Chemical Pathologist
62. Dr. Viraj Jayasinghe, Consultant Paediatrician
63. Dr. Indira Kahavita, Consultant Dermatologist
64. Dr. Apeksha Kariyawasam, Consultant Paediatrician
65. Dr. Eranda Karunadasa, Consultant Surgeon
66. Dr. Ajith Karunaratne, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
67. Prof. Indika Karunathilake, Professor in Medical Education
68. Prof. Anuradhani Kasturirathna, Professor in Community Medicine
69. Prof. Indira Kitulwatte, Professor in Forensic Medicine
70. Dr. Wasantha Kodikara Arachchi, Consultant Physician
71. Dr. Suresh Kottegoda, Cardiac Electrophysiologist
72. Dr. Bimal Kudavidanage, Consultant Neuro Anaesthetist
73. Dr. Ananda Lamahewage, Consultant Peadiatric Surgeon
74. Dr.Iresha Mampitiya, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist
75. Dr. M.K.L.Manjula, Consultant Histopathologist
76. Prof. K Muhunthan, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
77. Prof. Lalitha Mendis, Emeritus Professor of Microbiology
78. Dr. Ruwan Nanayakkara, Consultant JMO
79. Dr. Priyanthi Palihakkara, Consultant Anaesthetist
80. Dr. Manjula Peiris, Consultant Surgeon
81. Dr. B J C Perera, Consultant Paediatrician
82 Prof. Jean Perera, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
83. Dr. Nilupul Perera, Consultant Neurologist
84. Dr. Ruwanthi Perera, Consultant Paediatrician
85. Dr. Channa Perera, Consultant JMO
86. Dr.Gihan Piyasiri, Consultant Anaesthetist
87. Dr. Bhagya Piyasiri, Consultant Microbiologist
88.Dr. Risintha Premaratna, Consultant Community Physician
89. Dr. Chandrika Ponnamperuma, Consultant Cardiologist
90. Dr. Gayani Punchihewa, Consultant Psychiatrist
91. Dr. MK Ragunathan, Consultant Physician
92. Dr. MBF Rahuman, Consultant Cardiologist
93. Prof. Senaka Rajapakse, Chair Professor of Medicine
94. Prof. Ajith Rathnaweera, Professor in Forensic Medicine
95.  Dr. Pyara Ratnayaka, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist
96. Dr. R. Ragunathan, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
97. Dr. Duminda Samarasinghe, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
98. Dr. Krishan Silva, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
99. Dr. Shehan Silva, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine
100. Dr. Darshana Sirisena, Consultant Neurologist
101. Dr. Ganaka Senaratne, Consultant Physician
102. Dr. Nipunika Senadhera, Consultant Haematologist
103. Dr. Dammika Senavirathna, Consultant Transfusion Physician
104. Dr. Sriyani Samaraweera, Consultant Dermatologist
105. Dr. Buddhika Somawardana, Consultant Heamato-Oncologist
106. Prof. Samanmali Sumanasena, Professor in Peadiatric Disabilities
107. Dr. Nayana Samarasinghe, Consultant Radiologist
108. Dr. Jayajeewa Sugathapala, Consultant Peadiatrician
109. Dr. K T Sundaresan, Senior Lecturer / Consultant Physician
110. Dr. Samadara Sripali, Consultant Oncologist
111. Dr. Chaturi Suraweera, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
112. Dr. Dimuthu Thennakoon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
113. Dr. Wimalasiri Uluwattage, Consultant Physician
114, Dr. Shanika Vitharana, Consultant Haematologist
115. Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama, Consultant Microbiologist
116. Prof. Jithangi Wanigasinghe, Professor in Peadiatric Neurology
117. Prof. Sudarshani Wasalathanthri, Professor in Physiology
118. Dr. Sunil Wathudura, Consultant Physician
119. Dr. Kumudu Weerasekera, Consultant Paediatrician
120. Prof. Tilak Weeraratne, Senior professor of Medicine
121. Prof. MC Weerasinghe, Professor in Community Medicine
122. Dr. Sunil Wijesinghe, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
123. Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama, Consultant Physician
124. Dr. Lakmini Wijesooriya, Consultant Microbiologist
125. Prof. Senani William, Professor in Haematology
126. Dr. Kapilani Withanaarachchi, Consultant Peadiatrician
127. Dr. Chandana Wikramarathna, Senior Lecturer in Pathology
128. Dr. Darshana Wickramasingha, Consultant Microbiologist
129.Dr. Sampath Withanawasam, Consultant Cardiologist
130. Dr. Saman Yasawardena, Consultant ENT surgeon

30th July 2022
Media Statement


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