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SLA constructs cantonment in Mannaar causing fear among residents

The occupying Sri Lanka Army in Maanaar is constructing a cantonment at Chelveari area situated along Mannaar – Thalai Mannaar Road. For the last four days heavy vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks had been seen transporting materials for the construction, thus creating fear and tension among residents. This area is under the control of the Sri Lanka Navy for the last several years. The Sri Lanka Army has now moved into the area for the construction of a big new camp and repairing existing small camps.

With the conclusion of the war two and a half years ago, majority of uprooted people from their traditional villages in Mannaar and several parts of the North and East have not been resettled. They still remain in welfare centres and with their relatives and friends.

They fear the Colombo government is creating a situation for colonisation.


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