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Sinhale Only Flag Raised At UPFA Meeting; Journalist ‘Detained

Several Sinhale flags were raised at the site of UPFA rally in Yatinuwara this afternoon, prior to the begining of the rally.

A report by Lankadeepa said that its photo journalist had been ‘detained’ by a group claiming to be body guards of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

They had reportedly asked the journalist not to publish the photos since Rajapaksa might not visit the rally if he sees them.

The organizers raised the flags without realizing its implications, the guards had stated further. The ‘body guards’relesed the journalist after the flags had been removed.

The flag creates a controversy in April when it was carried by a number of participants of a protest near the Bribery Commission.

Asian Mirror

Sinhale Flag Raised At UPFA Meeting : Journalist 'Detained'


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